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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 14, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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tonight we are learning more about the gunman behind this deadly shooting. >> the shooting touches a nation coast to coast including the relatives of victims in a bay school stooling earlier this year. good evening, friday december 14th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00, a 20-year-old man walked into a connecticut elementary school classroom this morning, in a matter of moments, 26 people were dead, including 20 children. the gunman then shot and killed himself. the investigation is just beginning. we go live where a town and nation is grieving. >> reporter: law enforcement officials are telling us 20 children, six adults and the one shooter were killed today in the massive shooting making it one of the deadliest school
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shootings in u.s. history. tragedy in a small connecticut community. >> evil visited this community today. >> reporter: the police say a shooter struck sandy hook elementary school in newtown friday morning. >> we never seen anything like this. it is heart wrenching for us as it is for the families. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as 20-year-old adam lanza. he was killed by his own hand. his mother was a teacher at the school. she was killed at a second location. a parent instead of the school at the time believed 100 rounds had been fired. the first 911 call came in at 9:30 a.m. the police put in an active shooter search. >> this were police with rifles and handguns. they were on the roof, they were surrounding the school. >> the families have been
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notified. the preliminary identifications. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> reporter: at a vigil, connecticut's governor searched for answers to difficult questions. >> understand that a test is just that. that which we rise to and answer and respond to. >> reporter: and now a community is left to wonder how this could happen in their town. a community devastated and looking for a way to heal. >> reporter: what can you tell us about the mood at tonight's vigil? >> reporter: well, the mood in the vigil here, residents are
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gathered here at a church in newtown, they came to offer their prayers and their support, obviously for the victims, and their families and the governor, the governor malloy. spoke, offering his condolences as l. he said it is a tragedy he echoed what many people are feeling not only in connecticut but across the country it is really -- it is grief and anger. >> what have you been able to learn? more about the gunman in today's shooting? >> reporter: in terms of the gunman what we have been able to find is we can confirm adam lanza, 20 years old is the confirmed gunman and his brother ryan lanza is being questioned by authorities in engine engine. we are learning that their mother, nancy lanza was killed a second is location here in newtown, connecticut. also three weapon were found on
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the scene and those three weapon were actually purchased by nancy lanza. >> reporting live in newtown tonight. in their final briefing it this evening authorities said they expected to have positive identification on the victims as soon as tomorrow. connecticut state police said 20 young children were killed at their school, six adults also died. the gunman identified as 20- year-old adam lanza is also dead as is his mother, nancy, a teacher there. she was found shot to death at her home. now, sources are saying the gunman, the 20-year-old, first shot his mother at the home they share inside newtown. the s.w.a.t. team was scene arriving at that house earlier today. then he went to the school where she taut and opened fire -- taught and opened fire there. one of those killed today was the principal, dawn hochsprung.
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she just put in new security, new id checks and ringing a buzzer if they wanted to come into the school after 9:30 a.m. they also have middle school and a high school. they all went into lockdown when the shooting was reported this morning. the new england toupbd was founded in 1705. located about -- founded in 170 5 . it is 20 minutes from new york city. the question of school security is at the top of everyone's mind. some bay area school districts are reassessing their own crisis assessment plan. >> reporter: after this is done we will say how did they gain access to the camp us and what could they have done and are we doing those things already? >> the campuses go through emergency drills and students and teachers practice how to hideout in classrooms and safely evacuate when the police move in. administrators say that students are safe but that today's mass shooting has many
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parents and administrators shaken. things are back to normal in coopertino after a bomb threat shutdown that campus. the sheriff's department put more patrols to the area. the campus was chosed yesterday and searched by bomb-sniffing dogs after graffiti was found on nearby school campuses. the person responsible for that threat could face two felonies in arrested. earlier this year the bay area was the scene of a school shooting at the university. noel walker talked to one relative that says today's tragic events in connecticut bring home all too painful memories. >> yes, not something he would wish on his enemies, gasia. >> reporter: that is what one of the husband's of a victim told us. he told me he is stunned by yet another school shooting and sad more familiesville is to find thraĆ” way -- families will have to find a way to their new normal as his family has. >> reporter: the giggle of childhood laughter fills the
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house in tracy. today was the last day of school and the girls are getting ready for christmas. >> my first christmas without my wife. i am still trying to imagine what it is going to be like without her. >> reporter: that sadness in his eyes is explained on the refrigerator. the keeper of all family memories. his four young daughters are growing up and their mother is not in the picture. doris was one of seven people shot on april 2nd when a gunman walked into the university and opened fire. >> the last place you expect them to get hurt is at school. it should be the safest place. >> reporter: that day came rushing back when he turned on the news and saw it happened again. another mass shooting. >> i felt so sorry for those families. i know what they are going,. >> reporter: he told me he would not wish it on his enemies. the shooting changed everything. he brought his sister in to help be a motherly influence in
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the absence of a mother and moved his family to tracy from the home he shared with his wife in oakland. too many memories. we found that out from the fed- ex driver. >> it is crazy. i can not understand what he is going through. >> reporter: he is his cousin and he is gutted by the news of yet another shooting. >> please, please, what can we do? what can we do in this country to stop this situation from happening all of the time? we can not live lifelike this. >> reporter: this is a memorial garden outside of the university. a stone for every victim. nobody here wanted to talk but for this family, talking is healing. >> we wish that some kind of thing you can do so you change things to prevent them from not happening. >> reporter: that is his christmas wish. >> now, today, the mayor issued a statement saying with the shooting in oakland earlier this year the city knows exactly what newtown connecticut is going through
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and offered oakland support in any way that it can. back to you. the tragedy in connecticut brings to mind the 1989 deadly mas shooting at an elementary school in stockton. january 17th, 1989 the authorities say patrick purdy walked into the cleveland school campus with an assault rifle and fired more than 100 rounds in just a few minutes. he killed five children and wounded 30 others before turning the gun on himself. sources say the killer in this morning's attack lived with his mother in newtown and had attended newtown high school. the motive is unknown. a law enforcement source said that the 20-year-old had a personality disorder of some sort. his older brother, ryan, from new jersey was initially mistaken identified as the shooter and he was questioned by the police. he reportedly told the police that he had not talked with his brother, adam, in at least two years. mental health experts say it is hard for most to comprehend how someone can be responsible for
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a mass cure like the one in connecticut. why one former profiler says this are always indicators leading up to a tragedy like this one. >> reporter: a former fbi profiler, who heads his own security firm says the shooter had to give out warning signs. >> always something that proceeds this. it just does not come out of the blue. >> reporter: whatever was boiling inside of the suspect's 20-year-old shooter was beyond range says smith. >> there must have been some conservation or communication that he was sick. >> reporter: it is his belief that our society provided him with ideas how to punish those around him for whatever injustice he felt. >> it has to do with our culture, hollywood, movies, it has to do with the gun culture. >> reporter: in berkeley, the medical director at the medical center is clear about one thing. >> things happen, just like our are airplanes safe? yes, but sometimes tragedies happen. >> reporter: back here he
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knows people watching the ordeal unfold will wonder how someone could massacre children. >> only our sickest people in the world might shoot kids. they are our treasure. what cowe care about more than our children? >> reporter: by phone today, director of violence of uc davis was not surprised. >> here we go again. another tragedy. ambulances coming to the scene and most of them go back to their hospitals empty because everybody is dead. >> reporter: experts we spoke to say it may take time for people to feel safe again. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> tragedy in connecticut touched people all over the country including here in the bay area. the flag at the federal building was lowered to honor the victims of the shooting. the flag at san francisco's federal building was lowered to half-staff. dozens of people gather for a rally outside of gun violences this afternoon. organizers urge president barack obama to use the
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terrible tragedy to push congress for stricter gun control laws. many those who attended happened to be in washington for a training session for gun violence prevention groups. our viewers are responding to the tragedy on our facebook page. one comment reads "my heart is so broken. i can not stop crying at the thought of what happened and how the families feel. all of the other student his to experience. it is such a devastating thing." visit ktvu channel 2 facebook page to leave your own condolences for the victims in the shooting by posting your comments on our wall. today's events are hard to understand for just anyone. but what do you say about today's shooting to aa young child? experts advising parents on how to handle the issue. and other news, what closed part of a busy bay area mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the season? picking up a few sprinkles as we head towards the weekend. sprinkles in the forecast. the latest computer model when
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i know there is not a parent in america who does not feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. >> president barack obama said that his first reaction to today's shooting was as a parent, not a commander in chief. in the wake of the elementary school shooting in connecticut, children trying to process what happened and it can be a difficult task for parents who want to help them.
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>> reporter: the images are heart wrenching, school kids in in connecticut consoled by their parents as they flee the scene of a mas shooting. they say -- phasdz mass shooting. >> kids, like all of us, respond immediately to other people's faces. and, i think you need to give your kids a chance to talk about what they feel. >> it is a conversation some parents are aphencive about. >> i don't know how i would be able to deal with talking to them. just thinking about it and imagining it if it was my sop's school. >> it will be difficult but we -- my son's school. >> it will be difficult but we need to make them aware. before parents talk to their kids they need to assess their own feelings first. >> you might be more scared than they are. don't overwhelm your kids with whatever those feelings are. don't be too scared. and realize yourself that your kids are safe. >> reporter: when explaining traumatic events be honest but
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not too specific. >> if a kid says what happened to the kids? >> say some kids got hurt. some kids died. if you felt you had to say that. but i would not give numbers and details. >> reporter: and the doctor say fist a child wants to know why things like this happen, it is okay to admit you don't know. >> it is important to let them know that although these things happen, they are pretty rare. >> reporter: oakland unified school district sent students home with copies of these flyers to give them tips on what to talk to. any parent who wants to speak to a counselor in person needs to go to their local school. in oakland, back to you. the police now say the gunman in the connecticut shooting had more than three weapon as was first reported. two pistols and a rifle. here in california, anyone who wants to buy a gun legally must go,a rigorous process. they must have a state-issued id and second proof of residency. undergo a background check and once that is clear wait 10 days
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before picking up their gun. >> most customers, when they go through this process are okay with it. occasional someone will get mad. if i can't take it i will not buy it. okay, good-bye. >> reporter: they have to pass a written gun safety test and watch and perform a safe handling demonstration before an instructor. police are having gun buy back programs 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. they will offer up to $200 for people who turn in up to three weapons. gun sellers will need to prove they are city residents with a driver's license, utility bill or other proof. stay with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage of the still-unfolding tragedy on the 10 clock news tonight. you can find updates any time by going to our web site. >> turning now to a bomb threat. shutting down part of the great
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mall. kohl's and 20 other stores are evacuated because of the graffiti on a bathroom wall claimed there was a bomb in the building. the bomb squad was call inside and they have been conducting a search in the mall. so far they found no sign of anything suspicious. they say they expect the stores to reopen at 8:00 tonight. >> we have late word tonight that a driver will face manslaughter charges in a fatal accident in redwood city this afternoon. it was on interstate 280 north near edgewood road just after 3:00 p.m. the highway patrol says a volkswagen swerved and struck a lexus and struck the divide. three people in the lexus were killed. the driver of the volkswagen will face charges. the police in the east bay say they are on the lookout for a man who tried to rob four pharmacies. the police release these videos saying they believe this man committed all four crimes. investigators say that he handed over a note demanding
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drugs and said that he had a gun. he may also have an accomplice. in two cases the robber got away with drugs. >> it is one of those things that does not happen all of the time but every so often we have had little strings that have occurred throughout the valley. >> the two robberies happened in pleasantton last night and yesterday afternoon. there were two attempted robberies just five hours apart, yesterday. facebook stock took another hit as more shares became available. the stock dropped by 5%. despite a ral nerecent weeks it remains below the $38 in share. the ipo price, the strike comes as 156 million shares become available for sale. stocks ended a week lower. falling 35 points, nasdaq slipped more than 20. the s&p was down 5 points, analysts say they were diskourplged discouraged by the lack of progress in the
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fiscal cliff. coming up, a sudden policy shift for a lock that never really caught on. and there may be more -- for a look that never really caught on. and there may be more rain for the weekend. where it will likely be the wettest and where to expect it
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the unversity of california decided to drop the controversial logo. it appeared on the university's web page and marketing materials. it generated negative response including from the governor. in fact, some compare today to the logo to the look of a flushing toilet. it was a distraction and tell disappear from official communication. we have our chief meteorologist here, when you told us yesterday about lower temperatures, you were not kidding. >> the cool down and not a lot of rain. sprinkles in the area. just, light, not enough to shut you down today. that is how it goes for the bay area weekend. what is coming is not enough to shut you down in terms of getting outside. you will need umbrellas. the clouds moved out of the area right now. cheer conditions, outside of oakland and richmond, partly cheer, mostly clear. that means it will be really, really chilly tonight. now, i have activity down here in the campbell area. very light activity. that is the kind of thing to expect to see throughout the
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evening hours. it is not shutting you down. if you want to go out to eat or dinner that is not how it will be. highs today, it will be the same as tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, chilly, like last night. you will see low 30s in the cooler spots. tonight, we have cool temperatures, scattered sprinkles, tomorrow, starting off nice. the clouds come in and then some more of what we got today. maybe a little more. lightly scattered sprinkles. sunday, right now, driest day on the weekend. not much rain tomorrow. the model will show us. lunchtime, most he cloudy. this is saturday. there it goes. right. so, a really quick thing. it looks like it will be really quick kind of a thing. what is left is light scattered sprinkles. somewhere around midday, 12:00 to 3:00, it looks like consistent light rain. then it should be out of here quickly. then, you get into your
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saturday night, a few sprinkles, sunday, not bad, cloudy. right, so, sunday is the driest day. then, sunday night and monday, and coming from the north and they are dry. they are not producing a lot of showers. look how chilly the highs will be, low 50s. the forecast, gasia, bay area weekend view. a little on and a little off. wednesday is the best bet for rain. >> see you the 10:00, thank you, bill. the latest from connecticut on the rampage that left 28 people dead. tonight, authorities say more guns were found inside of the school in newtown. originally two handguns were reported. so far they are not saying how many weapon they found. we expect to learn the names of the 20 children and six children killed tomorrow. the two other people dead are the gunman and his mother, a teacher at the school who was shot and killed at the home
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they shared. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we will have the latest from investigators on that mass school shooting. we are always here for you at "tmz" is up next right here on tv-36 have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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